A Match Made in Heaven

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A Match Made in Heaven

To us, an architect must stay true to two things: the craft and the client.

IMG_0071The client-architect relationship determines not only the type of experience for both parties, but also the success of the project. A good one requires pretty much what you’d expect for any relationship.

Communication: If you have a vision for your home, tell us! We want to serve your interest, so the more information we have, the better. Find photos, draw pictures, etc. to give your design professional a good idea of what you like and what you’re looking for. Remember that communication goes both ways, so expect your architect to share any limitations that may exist.

Trust: Remember that the architect is the professional in this situation, and trust that we know what’s best. Sometimes it can be difficult to visualize an idea, which could mean a leap of faith.

Be Creative: On the topic of ideas, creativity is your friend when working with an architect. Use your right-brain when listening to explanations and ideas. If creativity is not your strong suit, don’t worry. Most people can understand drawings and plans once they are explained, but if you’ve having trouble seeing it, ask questions.

Stay Casual: When a good rapport exists, the lines of communication open, and the experience is more fun for all parties. A comfortable relationship with clients could mean a shared sense of humor, mutual trust or shared excitement about the project. Whatever the binding quality, the best projects come from clients who are as passionate as we are.

For many, client interactions are a fun part of the job. We get to wear many hats during the life of the project – creative designer, project manager, liaison, teacher and many others. We do our best to protect and serve your interests.



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